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Energetische therapie

A small part of the website in English.
There are many English-speaking people in the Netherlands with an interest in alternative medicine who could benefit from seeing me for a consultation. To give those of you an idea of the possibilities I offer, I made this summary in English.

If you have any specific questions or require more information on a certain topic, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact page. English is written and spoken in a sufficient way to help you, including during a consultation.

Should you experience health problems, please also consult your doctor.

Equilibrium and harmony
Illness is caused by a disorder in the harmony of the body and/or of the mind. This disorder prevents the Chi, or life energy, to flow freely and abundantly. As a consequence, your selfhealing powers are being weakened and you become susceptible to all kinds of illnesses of body and mind.

To restore the balance or harmony it is necessary to revive these selfhealing powers.

Return to the essence
Our essence, our true nature, is light; pure vitality. I would like to guide you to the experience of your true nature, to reunite with the light and to feel a profound peace in your heart. From this union, this peace, healing of discomfort, unease (including mental and physical disease) can arise, because your own harmony is now being restored.

Five levels of health
A disorder in harmony can occur on any level in your existence. To make it easier to understand I distinguish 5 different levels of health:

  1. Physical     –  all that concerns your body
  2. Emotional  –  all that concerns your feelings and emotions
  3. Mental       –  all that concerns your thoughts and convictions (both consciously and unconsciously)
  4. Relational  –  all that concerns your relationships with other people, with yourself, with your environment and with everything you come across in life
  5. Spiritual    –  all that concerns your soul, your destination, your ambitions and your life force.

A disorder in harmony can manifest on all of these levels and in between. Therefore I help you to discover and resolve disorders on any level and in between.

In order to help you in the best possible way, I use a variety of methods and techniques suitable for every level, adapted to your specific situation. The basics of the treatment will allways be healing and reading.
Healing is an energy therapy: I transfer universal energy to your energy body, where it can perform healing.
Reading is a technique by which I connect to the universal field of information and receive answers or directions that can help heal your situation.

On top of that, I will suggest methods and techniques that are specific to your needs, which may consist of any of the following: coaching/counseling, (family) constellations, massages, yoga, meditation, etc.